Officially acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Education



The 2nd cycle academic diploma in Jazz Composition and Arranging represents the top level of academic education (the equivalent of a Master’s Degree). It is the first one in Italy to have a small and a big band available for the performance of scores and for conducting.

The contents of the degree range from harmonic to composition and instrumental techniques, arrangement for small ensembles, big bands, strings and mixed ensembles.

The course is supported by real experiences in concerts where the students will conduct and orchestrate their personal arrangements in various orchestral ensembles (from the small to the big band), and by precious subsidiary subjects such as Score Reading, Forms Analysis, Jazz History, Leading Practice, and a modern lab of stylistic ear training with transcriptions and analysis of arrangements and sections.

The candidate can gain access to the two-year 2nd cycle academic course upon audition. The candidate who believes that he/she has an adequate knowledge and who already attained a 1st cycle academic degree or a three year University Degree, can sit the audition, which will include arrangement and harmony tests.

Artists, composers, creatives of our time, the Saint Louis Jazz Factory is an artisan workshop of sound, where the musical idea becomes ink on the score, then music, then reverberation of an emotion. A work of research of refined value, appreciated and recognized throughout Europe, wherever the Jazz Factory has addressed its energetic harmony, a trait d’union between tradition and avant-garde.