Jazz Choir by Elisabetta Antonini – CFA 4

Form: 60 hours
CFA: 4
Teachers: Elizabeth Antonino
Frequency: Weekly
Entry Requirements: Audition 
Class size: 30 students
Places available: 10
Limitations: O pen to all students of all academic courses (excluding Canto Jazz students since it is Already required in the study plan), pre-academic, traditional two-year and customized, on audition.


Attending the choir involves the study of pieces from the jazz tradition, including Latin or more contemporary songs, harmonized for three, four or five vocal sections. Reading at first sight is not required but the score for the study of the parts is used. An average technical vocal level is required, not a beginner, and it is possible to participate even without having had previous choral experiences.

Preparatory exercises for the intonation of single and harmonized parts, the development of rhythmic sensitivity and jazz pronunciation, the internalization of chords and harmonies of jazzy color, are practiced during the lesson. The jazz choir is a precious opportunity to develop a vocal control and a harmonic and musical sensitivity necessary for every soloist.

Eligibility on the part of the teacher