Saint Louis Voices Section is a vocal ensemble directed by Milena Nigro, who performs original arrangements of standard jazz, ranging from the pure swing of Duke Ellington’s songs to the more modern jazz of Joe Henderson and Frank Foster, with some forays into popular music masterpieces.
With particular attention to modern sounds, improvisation and an eye to contamination, the singer Walter Ricci here also in the unusual role of a pianist with Daniele Sorrentino on bass, gives life to a rich concert with unpredictable developments.


Milena Nigro  direction, arrangements and voice

Valentina Ramunno, Stefano Latteri, Paolo Caiti, Alessia Tavian, Marta Marciano, Chiara Orlando – vocals

Walter Ricci – vocals, piano

Daniele Sorrentino – Double bass

Thursday, January 3rd, 2018
9:30 pm – 11.59pm
Avenue of Porta Ardeatina, 55

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