Jackmania by Alberto Recchia – 1 meeting – CFA 1- request participation fee

Form: 3 hours 
CFA: 1
Teacher: Alberto Recchia 
Frequency: One meeting
Entry Requirements: None
Class size: 12 students
Places available: 12
Limitations: Open to students of academic courses in sound technician. Participation fee: € 40



Seminar The seminar is aimed at the implementation of cables and cables used in the audio field. Theoretically, the technical knowledge of metals, cables, connectors, equipment used,

There is a class of up to 12 students, it will last 3 hours (1 h of theory and 2 h of practice). The students will get the following cables: 3m XLR-XLR cable, 3m Jack-Jack cable, € 20.00 total market value.

  1. Theory Part:
  • Metals, properties and characteristics
  • Impedance and capacity – Types of cables and connectors, their technical characteristics (information sheets)
  • The color code in audio cables
  • The welder and the tin – Welding technique
  • The Head-Cables


  1. Practice Part:
  • Cable cutting and preparation
  • Cable tinning
  • Connector tinning
  • Cable-connector welding
  • Test of correct wiring

Test of correct wiring