The seminar, curated by Alberto Recchia, is aimed at all the students interested in deepening the techniques of welding and making audio cables.
It will have a theoretical character, in order to inform students about the technical specifications of metals, cables, connectors, and equipment used, and practice, allowing the immediate application of the acquired knowledge.
At the end of the meeting, the students will receive complimentary cables made by themselves with quality materials: a 3mt XLR-XLR cable and a 3mt Jack-Jack cable (market value € 20.00).
The class has a maximum of 12 students for a duration of 3 hours (1 hour of theory and 2 hours of practice). You can choose between 4 classes:

– Tuesday, February 12th, 10am – 1pm
– 1pm – Tuesday, February 12th, 2pm – 5pm
– Wednesday, February 13th, 10 am – 1pm
– 1pm – Wednesday, February 13th, 2pm – 5:00pm

Participation fee: € 40 (the fee includes the 2 cables made during the seminar)
Credits for academic courses: 1 ECTS

The seminar will take place during the week of suspension of teaching activities.

To book and participate:

  • Academic students can book themselves by inserting themselves autonomously in the registers, as for all elective subjects, through their reserved students’ area.
  • Pre-academic, custom, and others who are not students can book, specifying their day and time preferences, using the following form