On this page you will find information regarding the Admission of International Students to the ACADEMIC COURSES (Bachelor or Master level).
To apply for the other Non-Academic Courses (ex. Junior Courses, Custom Courses, etc.) please contact our International Office


To apply for enrollment in the Italian university system, students must be at least 17 years old and have completed a minimum of 12 years of education.
To enter the Bachelor/Undergraduate Courses the student has to be in possession of a high school / secondary school diploma, obtained after a total of 12 years of schooling at all levels (elementary, intermediate, superior), obtained either in Italy or in his/her own home Country.
To enter the Master/Postgraduate Courses the student has to be in possession of a High Education Diploma obtained either in Italy or in his/her own home Country.
Students of Italian nationality or of the European Union or with a Residence Permit in Italy are allowed to apply for enrollment directly at Saint Louis.

NB: Students submitting a foreign Study Title to enter Saint Louis Bachelor or Master Courses will have to submit the Title itself together with a certified Translation and a DOV (Declaration of Value). The Declaration of Value is a document that certifies the validity of the title and the right to be admitted to the University and is issued by the Italian Diplomatic Representation in the student’s home Country.

NON-EU STUDENTS: For international students coming from outside the EU and who are entering Italy specifically for studying in the Country at University/Academic level, the modalities, deadlines and rules are established by the Italian Ministry for Education. The student cannot apply to Saint Louis only but will have to apply both at Saint Louis and to the Italian Embassy/Consulate of his/her own Country.

Please contact your reference Italian Diplomatic Representation for further details and to start your application procedure.
To get to know more about international applications, please visit the page
and consult the English version Guide (valid for the year 2019/2020, but usually very similar to the one for the upcoming academic year).


The INTAKES (Admissions tests) for International Students are held every year in

The precise dates will be communicated once the student submit the Application Form and, in the case of the performance Courses, pass the pre-selection phase.

for the 1st Intake runs from December 1st to January 30th every year.
for the 2nd Intake runs from January 30th to April 30th every year.

Therefore the Deadline to send the Application Form and the pre-selection video is either January 30th or April 30th, according to the selected intake.
Late applications will be singularly considered, at the Direction’s discretion, on the basis of possible available places and / or renounces.

NB: It is NOT possible to start attending the Courses from the Second (Fall) semester on. The two Intakes are only thought to give more time to the prospective students to accomplish all the steps needed to prepare for their upcoming studies in a foreign Country.

HOW TO APPLY – Saint Louis Internal Procedure 

To be admitted to the 1st Cycle Academic Courses (Bachelor/Undergraduate level) in Jazz / Pop / Electronic Music / Sound Engineering / Composition / Songwriting / Applied Music, and to the 2nd cycle Academic Courses (Master/Postgraduate level) in Jazz /Jazz Composition / Pop / Electronic Music / Sound Engineering / Film & TV Scoring Composition / Songwriting / Applied Music / Music Production / Sound Design and Postproduction, the student will have to sit and pass an Admission Test, specific for every single Course.

To submit your Admission request to Saint Louis Academic Courses, please proceed according to the following steps:

  • Fill in the APPLICATION FORM.
  • PRE-SELECTIONS, for Performance Courses only: insert in the webform the links of video recordings (realized through any means / device; videos recorded with mobile phones are also accepted, as long as they have a clear sound) containing 4 tunes performed by the candidate, of which 3 the least must be performed in a band (trio at least). Live performance videos are also accepted. At least 2 of the 4 tunes should be chosen from the given list (jazz list; pop list). The videos have to be uploaded on youtube or other similar web portals, and must be indicated in the Application Form in form of a link. No link to downloads are admitted.
  • Wait for the pre-selections results: the candidates who pass the pre-selections will move on to sitting the Admission Test, to be sit in July or in September or in an online modality (for Students coming from further Countries only).
    Please consult the page relative to the specific Course you wish to apply to, to get to know the detailed content of the Admission Test you’ll have to sit.

NB: The whole procedure is free of charge.

The Didactic Board will draw a merit ranking which will indicate the admitted students, taking into account the available places.