Saint Louis College of Music is amongst the winners of the call for KA 107 exchanges, destined for exchanges between EU countries and extra UE countries. As always, the main goal of Saint Louis is that of expanding its musical, cultural and artistic borders. After establishing its presence in the EU, Saint Louis is ready for the next step: to cooperate new countries, moving beyond the EU border.

Starting point? As always the Saint Louis students!
After getting to know the students from Georgia and Kosovo that studies at Saint Louis, Saint Louis decided to dig deeper and to grasp the chance to really get to know the complex and fascinating realities from which these students come from.

In summer 2017, an exchange project of 2 years with Tbilisi State Conservatoire in Georgia and Prishtina Faculty of Art in Kosovo will begin. Exchange which will include students, staff and teachers from all 3 Institutions.

More specifically:
The partnership between Saint Louis and Tbilisi State Conservatoire has a double function: on one side to provide for a lack in the didactic offer of the Georgian academic music system; on the other to broaden the knowledge of students and teachers from Saint Louis, thanks to the exposure to the musical traditions of Georgia.
The project aims to create moments of high artistic development in a multicultural environment, in which the specialities and identities of the various cultural contexts shall find a place to meet. A space of enrichment which will create integrated outputs of the project (live performances, music productions and publications).

As for Georgia, the partnership with Kosovo will have many outcomes such as: the modernization of the offer of the Kosovar University through the creation of a musical department dedicated to new musical languages (in particular jazz and pop) which are genres that are appreciated and known by the new Kosovar generations. Also thanks to this project Saint Louis will be able to get to know the music from the Balkans.

Of great interest from a didactic point of view is the possibility of experimenting the use of some of the typical instruments of the musical traditions from the Balkans, such as the Cifteli and the sharki – lutes which derive from the turkish saz – in the teaching programs of Saint Louis and to encourage them to interact in the live artistic productions of mixed bands, composed by both Italian and Kosovar teachers and students.

For further info on the project and how to participate: