History of the musical theater by Adriano Melchiorre – CFA 2

Form: 20 hours
CFA: 2
Teacher: Adriano Melchiorre 
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Entry Requirements: None
Class size: 20 students
Places available: 6
Limitations: Open to all students of academic courses, excluding composition students and film music.


  1. Birth of the Opera.
  2. The development of serious opera and the birth of the opera buffa.
  3. Gluck and the reform of melodrama.
  4. The great Italian melodrama from Rossini to Verdi; the Opera in France and Germany
  5. The Italian Opera between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  6. The Italian Opera from Puccini to Pizzetti.
  7. New trends.
  8. The work of the twentieth century in the rest of Europe.


  • Donald Jay gìGrout: A Brief History of the Opera (ed. Rusconi, 1995).
  • Lorenzo Arruga: Italian opera theater (ed. Feltrinelli).
  • Dictionary of the Opera, curated by Piero Gelli (ed. Baldini & Castoldi)

Paper to be agreed with the teacher on a topic of musical dramaturgy with reference to the topics covered during the course.