History of music applied to Images by Cristina Carlini – 30-hour module – CFA 3

Form: 30 hours
CFA: 3
Teachers: Cristina Carlini 
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Entry Requirements: None
Class size: 15 students
Places available: 10
Limitations: Open to students in the academic courses of sound engineering, electronic music, jazz, and popular music.


  1. Critical historical
  2. Analysis of the linguistic and functional evolutionary path of the solutions adopted by the most representative authors of analysis and analysis of the solutions adopted in terms of emotional solutions expressed in music (1 ^ part)
  3. Comparison of various forms of commentary and musical style related to images – fiction, films, documentaries, radio, acronyms (1st part)


  • Miceli, “Musica per film” ed. LIM E. Simeon,
  • “Manual of the History of Music in the Cinema” ed. Rugginenti

Verification of the program with questions assigned by the commission.