History of Italian Jazz by Adriano Mazzoletti – 20 hour module – CFA 3

Form: 20 hours
CFA: 3
Teacher: Adriano Mazzoletti 
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Entry Requirements: None
Class size: 20 students
Places available: 3
Limitations: Open to all students of academic courses, excluding Jazz students.


The history of Italian jazz and the history of jazz in Italy will be dealt with through the socio-cultural and musical events that have characterized music in our country since the years following the First World War to today. The topics covered will be divided into lessons dedicated to:

1) The first black-American musicians in Italy

2) The first Italian musicians in the Patria del Jazz

3) The new dances

4) The beginnings of jazz in the great Italian cities

5) The press in Italy between the ten years and twenty

6) The first jazz bands

7) The American music seen by academic musicians

8) The great tiurnées of American musicians in Italy

9) Radio, jazz and large orchestras

10). Fascism and music

11) Jazz in the thirties

12) Jazz in Italy during the 2nd world war and after the war

13) The revival of traditional jazz

14) Modern jazz in Italy in the fifties

15) Temporary decline of jazz in favor of beat music

16) The boom of jazz in Italy in the seventies-eighties

17) The boom of the disco

18) The nineties and the rebirth of Italian jazz.

Each lesson will be correlated with recordings, recordings and videos. The history of world jazz will proceed in parallel with the socio-political history of the 20th century.