Giuseppe TortoraGiuseppe Tortora

Graduated in Musical Disciplines at Jazz at the Conservatory “A. Casella” – L’Aquila. Diploma of Violoncello awarded at the Conservatory of “S.Cecilia” – Rome. Chamber Music Diploma from the Conservatory of “S.Cecilia” – Rome. Diploma in Jazz Music at the Conservatory “A. Casella” – L’Aquila. Big Band arrangement at the Saint Louis College of Music. He began his musical studies very early as a pianist, then as a trombonist under the guidance of his father, and then went to study the cello graduating in Rome at the Conservatory “S.Cecilia” under the guidance of Maestro F. Strange, also follows the diploma in Chamber Music and Jazz Music. 

Cello and Mediaset from Rome to today, often in the role of many collaborations in the well-known television programs. In the field of Pop, he collaborates and likes the Jazz field, he collaborates and influences with the likes. 

He was a soloist in the soundtrack “The Great Beauty” Oscar 2014. He also plays the role of the Orchestra Contractor with his BIOrchestra for the most significant artists longer available as Laura Pausini, Fiorella Mannoia, Mario Biondi, Daniele Silvestri, Max Gazzè, and Marco.

My educational purpose is to provide students with professional skills freelance, especially in the field of recordings and live concerts. In addition to cello, the course includes the teaching of the rhythmic and harmonic elements applied to the instrument.