gianluca podiumGianluca Podio – Head of Composition
He graduated in piano in 1984 with a first and honours under the guidance of Carlo Bruno at the Santa Cecilia Music Academy in Rome.
He then went on to getting his Composition Diploma, again with a first, with Ivan Vandor (1988) at the “G.B.Martini” Music Academy in Bologna as well as obtaining top marks in his diploma as an Orchestra Conductor with Vittorio Antonellini at the “A.Casella” Music Academy in Aquila (1994). In 2008 he obtained the Specialized Academic Diploma in Composition (Music from the twentieth century to today) at the “L.Refice” Music Academy in Frosinone with Antonio Poce with a first and honours. His profound friendship with Goffredo Petrassi proved to be absolutely fundamental for his artistic and humane formation. Furthermore his studio meetings with Karlheinz Stockausen, Aldo Clementi and Salvatore Sciarrino were also significant. He composes symphonic, operatic and chamber music published by Raitrade and regularly performs in important institutions such as the Carnegie Hall in New York, the Gasteig in Munich and the Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto.


Gianluca Podio ranges over a vast number of musical genres which give him the ability of having a constant and direct contact with the public. This contact allows him to translate into music all the sensations that the public or audience itself and his life’s experiences give him on a daily basis. Strengthened by his experience he is in fact extremely active in the field of music applied to image where he has professionally developed in contact with leading personalities such as Ennio Morricone. He regularly makes recordings as an orchestral conductor and pianist with important national and foreign orchestras (Czech National Symphony Orchestra ,The Philharmonic Orchestra of Rome etc…).Amongst his most important performances as a pianist is his recital in the Cappella Paolina (Pauline Chapel) of Rome’s Quirinale broadcast live on Radiotre -Euroradio (2007) and in the Sala dell’Assunta Concert Hall for the Vatican Radio (2008). He is head of the Composition Department at Saint Louis College of Music.
Furthermore he is regularly involved in master classes and monographic lessons at universities and Music Academies on the relationship between compositions and emotional communication and the various aspects of the composer’s profession. In 2013 and 2014 he also orchestrated and directed the concerts for large symphony orchestra that Pino Daniele held in prestigious theaters such as the concert held in September 2014 at the Verona Arena. From 2015 to date he has held numerous concerts as a jazz pianist (for example, Italian Jazz Festival in Berlin, November 2018) as well as conductor and arranger (Concert for the Universiade 2019, Tribute to Mogol for the European Music Festival in the presence by the author and many other symphonic concerts).