gianfranco gullottoGIANFRANCO GULLOTTO – Head of Bass



Gianfranco Gullotto “There are people in the world that you can not meet, but you’re always interested in it. . Calling him an historic teacher is reductive, though absolutely true, considering the great number of excellent bass players That he formed.
What impressed me the most, since from the start, in this gentle giant so is his sincere availability and passion transpiring not only form ”
I love one of the characteristics, but I love it, I love it!”
He is one of my long-term Endorsers (Markbass’s, of course), since when a few people only trusted that those people could become something good in the world. He was always encouraging, I was doing and I was doing it, and he was really interested in it!
“You are impressed with me … the students are impressed …” This was the tenor of his phone calls … how can not you love someone as sincere and as committed to what he is doing?
A serious musician, knowing bass history by having lived it: you can simply read his interviews, in which he told the story .
He carries his teaching position with passion and respecting the students.
But it is a kind of respect that is embedded in his person and in every thing he makes.
I wish to conclude this by saying that I am honored to have him as endorser since I was an endorser, having shared the growth of my brand. But he is above all for a friend, for me and for those who had the chance to meet him in their lives.
Please forgive me, but this is what I really think! “

Extract from the book LOW HEAD (Bass Head) by SATURNINO

“After unending discussions, we decided to contact Roman teacher, Gianfranco Gullotto, the author of a method entitled” The electric bass handbook “… We had a crazy project in mind … if only he came and taught us a week in Ascoli .. We were expecting a denial, but he liked the idea and he started traveling between Ascoli and Rome. Besides being a great teacher, I showed a wonderful person … I owe Gullotto a lot … and he spent so much time correcting my mistakes. “

Extract from the Book LOW DOWN! (Pump up the Bass) by MARCO CAUDAI

“With his 40 years of teaching experience, Gianfranco is THE bass teacher … He is also the author of the” Electric bass handbook ” this subject and that became the Bible of almost all Italian bass players. “