Fabrizio Angelini

At present he teaches Sound Engineering for the 1st year of the Sound Engineering Course at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. He previously taught the same subject in the University of Music in Rome. He is a resident sound engineer at the ACME recording studio of Rome and cooperating as a free lancer with several national services during live concerts and tours. He has worked with many groups for demo / CD studio recordings.

Collaborations includes: WEB Web , 1997 (TITANIA recording studio, Rome); Elettrojoyce Illumina , Epic Sonymusic, 2000 (ACME recording studio, Rome); Egoricarica lrevm (with Gaetano Ria, STRANI RUMORI recording studio, Perugia, 2001).

In the ACME recording studio, he collaborates with: Johnny Dorelli, Simone Patrizi, Silver Blue, Anima, Vanessa, Bugs, Stefano Pavan, Carlo Delicati, Black dhalia confession, Destir, Punch & Judy, Radio one, Andrea Terrinoni, Sorci verde, Brado, Senza benza, ZetaZeroAlfa, etc.

He does soundtrack recordings and speakering for BLU (mobile company), Telecom, Telethon, TV broadcasts.

External direct drive sound engineer for TV fictions: You are strong maestro 2 (MEDIASET) and Una Donna per amico 3 (RAI) for ARAN ENDEMOL (Rome and Terni, 2000-2001).

LIVE main events include: Opening of Vasco Rossi’s concert at Rome’s Olympic Stadium in 2001 with the band VANESSA. Enrico Ruggeri “Cannibale tour” (Backliner) in 2000. Festival “In the name of rock”, Palestrina from 1997 to 2001 (FOH sound engineer and backliner).New Year 2000 for Paddeu prod. in Ancona. (Luca Barbarossa, Syria, Corrado Guzzanti, Bebo Storti, Enrico Ruggeri) as stage and backliner sound engineer. New Year’s Eve 2002 for RDS-Paddeu prod. (Gazosa, Luca Barbarossa, Marco Masini, Ragazzi italiani Syria, RDS) as FOH sound engineer.

Groups that he has collaborated with are: Morphine, Malfunk, Queens of the stone age, Therapy, Line 77, Massimo Volume, etc.

Live CDs recording include: Francesco De Gregori, 30 dates of the Fuoco Amico record, Sonymusic 2002; Riccardo Fogli, 3 dates (Longiano 5/6 / 7-12-2001); A liturgy for memory (Palazzo della Cancelleria 10/9/2002) for the realization of the live CD.