Extemporaneous Composition and Execution by Javier Girotto – 20-hour module – CFA 6

Form: 20 hours
CFA: 6
Teachers: Javier Girotto
Frequency: Monthly
Entry Requirements: Third Pre-Academic year 
Class size: 15 students
Places available: 15
Limitations: Open to all students of all academic courses. Open to students for personalized courses and traditional two-year courses for an additional fee (for information on costs, contact the Educational Secretariat).


During the course some aspects related to the writing and arrangement of an original composition are discussed. The subject mainly involves two phases. The first phase analyzes and executes pieces composed and arranged by the teacher and are later performed. This phase aims to provide the student with certain useful tools for understanding the compositional process and for focusing on the passage from the score to the performance. In the second phase, the student is asked to write and arrange his/her own original composition based on what he/she has learned during the course under the directions given by the teacher.

The fundamental purpose of the course is to direct students towards the search for their own compositional and executive style linked to their instrument.

Eligibility on the part of the teacher