Antonini ElisabettaElisabetta Antonini

First Italian singer signing with refined English label Candid Records for her latest release, The Beat Goes On, winner of the last Top Jazz edition as Best New Talent, she specialized in jazz style and singing in the United States and Italy with some of the more notable figures of international jazz (M. Murphy, B. Harris, N. Winstone, J. Niemack, J. Clayton e B. Stoloff, M.P. De Vito, R. Vitro, R. Treece,), and she graduated with the highest marks and distinction in jazz music at the Conservatory of Campobasso.
Sophisticated singer, as well as a talented composer and arrange, she is active in the jazz sphere participating in shows and festivals all over Italy presenting a vast repertoire that goes from the American Songbook to original works and to contemporary jazz, collaborating with the best musicians (K. Wheeler, P. McCandless, V. Tsabropoulos, A. Gravish, M. Rosen, P. Fresu, M. Giammarco, J. Girotto, P. Damiani, F. Bearzatti, P. Dalla Porta, L. Mannutza, F. Zeppetella, M. Di Leonardo, T. Tracanna, P. Lussu, L. Tucci, P. Ciancaglini, F. Bosso, N. Conte, R. Tarenzi, C. Filippini, D. Scannapieco, D. Tittarelli, A. Bassi, M. Ionata, T. Pancella, L. Bulgarelli, etc.).
Vocalist in various recordings, co-author and soloist on projects of experimental electronic music, progressive rock, jazz and world music, soloist in jazz vocal ensembles and original jazz operas, has been part of various jazz orchestras directed by M° Gerardo di Lella, M° Bruno Tommaso, M° Massimo Nunzi.
Expert of jazz tradition as contemporary jazz repertoire, she leads different and creative projects as “The Beat Goes On” dedicated to the American poets of the fifties called The Beat Generation, where original music is set over the words and the voices of Kerouac, Ginsberg, Corso, Ferlinghetti and Burroughs; “Nuance”, the Harp&Voice Duo with the harpist Marcella Carboni which presents original and jazz music along with some classics from the Brazil songbook using live electronics and effects; “Un Minuto Dopo”, a piano/voice and clarinets trio involved in original compositions inspired by chamber music and European jazz, with the extraordinary participation of oboist of Oregon Paul McCandless; “In A New York Minute”, a drumless hard bop project featuring the great saxophone player Maurizio Giammarco which presents original arrangements of modern jazz compositions; “Women Next Door”, a jazz mainstream female drumless quartet inspired by the music and the style of George Shearing.
Jazz educator in singing and improvisation, and director of the jazz choir at the Saint Louis Music School of Rome, she teaches at many Italian Conservatories (Trento, Brescia, Benevento) and at various jazz workshops all over Italy (Nuoro Jazz, Tuscia in Jazz Spring, Tuscia in Jazz Summer, La Spezia Jazz Clinics, Jazz ‘s Cool) alongside outstanding musicians as Paolo Fresu, Sheila Jordan, John Patitucci, Danilo Perez, Maria Pia De Vito, Francisco Mela, Kevin Hays, Scott Colley, Donny McCaslin, Peter Bernstein, Aaron Goldberg, Eric Harland.