Elena AllegriElena Allegri

She graduated in vocal pop at the Saint Louis College of Music where she studied singing with Maria Grazia Fontana and Vanessa Lausdei and vocal techniques with Antonella De Grossi. Still at Saint Louis, she attended the musical course Andiamo staged where she studied with Maria Grazia Fontana, Luca Velletri, Orazio Caiti, Anna Gargiulo, Michela Andreozzi, Giulio Costa, and Attilio Fontana.

He attended various singing workshops with Gabriella Scalise, Beppe Vessicchio, Frank Mc Comb, and Nicolò Fabi. Chorus and soloist in the Canto theater performance Perché Non so Nuotare by Massimo Ranieri. She was part of the Maria Grazia Fontana Sat & B choir, with whom she performed in many events as a chorister and soloist including some stages of the tour Behind the appearances of the singer Giorgia; guests in the Strimpelli & Vinile theatrical performance by Emiliano Reggente and Attilio Fontana; recording of choirs and preview held at the Milan Cathedral of the musical The Betrothed by Michele Watch and Pippo Flora; participation in various television programs (Ti lascio una canzone, Insieme sul due, Big brother and others). Corista in the Inno song written by Ennio Morricone for the Piazza Vittorio orchestra; chorister on the Fortissimissimo album by Franco Fasano.
She has been teaching for several years.