General Description

The Sound Engineering and Electronic Music Department is dedicated to the creation of professionals with great opportunities of employment in the job market.
The pre-academic Course constitutes a preparation year that is fundamental to the subsequent access to the 3-years Diploma Courses in Electronic music composition and in Sound Engineering.
The professionals of these areas are among the most requested ones in the job market, from recording studios to radio-tv studios, from production centres for videos and documentaries to the new technologies of the multimedia world. In particular, the main professional outlets are:


  • sound engineers for live events and in recording, radio/tv or broadcasting studios
  • composers of electronic music and applied music
  • soundtrack composers for films and commercials
  • Music Technology operators and Sound Designers


The pre-academic course represents an intense theoretic and practical path on the several aspects of music technologies, to offer a wide and complete view on the subject and offering the most solid basis for the preparation and admission to higher education courses. Therefore, it allows the aware choice of the subsequent study path.


Access to the 1st Cycle Academic Courses

The Pre-academic Course prepares to the access to the following Diploma Courses:

Electronic Music Composition
3-years 1st Cycle Academic Diploma in Electronic Music, Composition specialization – 950 hours approximately (Bachelor’s Level – High School Diploma required)

Sound Engineering
3-years 1st Cycle Academic Diploma in Electronic Music, Sound Technology specialization – 1.000 hours approximately (Bachelor’s Level – High School Diploma required)



There is no entry test to gain access to the pre-academic course. The course willingly starts from a zero level, in order to offer the same theoretic-practical knowledge to all students.

Before registering to the course it is possible to participate in our orientation meetings with the Didactic Direction or in the OPEN DAYS, an entire day to live as a Saint Louis student, attending classes, lectures, labs, and meeting the responsible of the Department of interest.

To register to the Pre-academic Course:

  1. Fill in the Application Form that you see on this same page
  2. Pay the registration fee (€ 120 approximately) plus the down payment (€ 400), following the instructions that the International Office will send you on your e-mail

Non-EU Students requiring a study VISA to enter Italy can get an Admission Certificate from our International Office to be submitted to the Italian Embassy in their Country, only when the above procedure is finalized.

To get information about VISA procedures please click here and visit the page: http://www.studiare-in-italia.it/studentistranieri/

The approximate cost for the Pre-Academic Course in Electronic Music and Sound Engineering is € 3.800.



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