Drum Lab of various professors – 15-hour module – 2 CFA

Form: 15 hours
CFA: 2
Teachers: Davide Piscopo, Daniele Pomo, Giovanni Imparato, and Daniele Chiantese
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Entry Requirements: None
Class size: 8 students
Places available: 8
Limitations: Open to all students of academic courses, traditional two year and pre-academic drum sets, as required by the relevant study plan. Open to students as personalized courses for an additional fee (for information on costs, contact the Educational Secretariat).


SNARE MADNESS by Gianni Di Renzo (4 CFA)

  • Contents
  • Drum orchestra, traditional repertoire and original arrangements

DRUM-CIRCLE  by Giovanni Imparato

  • Contents:
  • inside logic power system, a technique decoded by Arthur Hull that consists in making people, strictly in a circle, compare not necessarily with musical experiences, but who find themselves holding any percussion instrument, perhaps for the first time (if so better yet because the sharpness of this technique takes advantage of the IMMEDIATE ability that the percussion offers to “talk about itself”, without fortunately realizing it); in the DRUM CIRCLE, the student or professional musician is stimulated to re-connect in an area of ​​unconditional cognition in that he can be ill accustomed to excessively filtering his expression (social / musical), with the result that often the latter results, as “VIBRATION”, decidedly inferior to the newcomer;


  • Contents
  • R&B, Hip-Hop, Gospel, Second Line, Electric Jazz, Jungle, Lounge, Reggae, Ska, Rock-Steady, Dub, Reggaeton, Brit Pop, Alternative Rock, New Punk.

POWER PATTERNS by Daniele Pomo

  • Contents:
  • Study of the single pedal technique for application and speeding up. Study of the double pedal technique. Study of the different pedal pedal settings for dynamic control. Application of some combinations based on Ottavi (Daniele Pomo Power Patterns) with single pedal for Hi hat-Snare-Bass Drum Hi hat foot-Snare-Ride-Bass Drum. Application of some combinations based on broken sixteenths and sixteenths (Daniele Pomo Power Patterns) with single pedal for Hi hat-Snare-Bass Drum and Hi hat foot-Snare-Ride-Bass Drum. Heating exercises for the double pedal (sixteenth and thirty-second) Studies on simple strengthening patterns for double pedal (Daniele Pomo Power Patterns)


  • Content:
  • The importance of sound as a search for expression and personality through the tuning of drums and the knowledge of drum leathers and instrumentation.
  • Practical battery tuning laboratory.
  • Sound analysis through the choice of snare and cymbals according to the styles to be tackled: differences between snare drums from “5 (pop rock-light music) -” 4 (funk-pop-disco) “5 ½ (pop-light music -rock) “7-8 (rock-heavy-trash-punk)
  • Differences between snare drums (metal-wood)
  • Differences between circles (triple flange-Die cast)
  • Differences between crash plates from” 16- “17-” 18
  • Differences between medium and dry Ride plates
  • Use of splashes and China in rock-pop in progressive and experimentation
  • Use of mallet, blastick and rods on snare drums and cymbals (Italian and American ethnic music-songwriting music)