Davide Prestanicola tecnico del suonoDavide Prestinicola

Born in Rome on March 3rd, 1991, he has always been interested in music and graduated as a professional in “Fonia & Music Technology” at the Saint Louis College of Music in 2012. Starting from 2010, he began his work experience at several clubs and local Rome. He takes part in numerous musical events including: Otto Ohm “Boxer” Tour, X Factor “AfterShow”, Marco Morandi “In Nome Del Padre” Tour, Luca Carboni Tour, Parafonè Tour, Marasà Tour, Benny Benassi Live, Triky Live, City of the Other Economy Festival, Villa Ada Festival, Music Up Festival.

At the same time, the scope Live cultivated an innate passion for Audio Recording and has the ability to specialize as Technical Capture and Mix at the recording studios of the Saint Louis College of Music. At the same, many educational activities related to the study takes part in several musical productions including Lello Panico “Fifty Years Ago”, Lala & Sade “Even Crumbs Have A Taste”, Diego Swan “Between A Month” European Jazz Contest, Saint Louis Big Band, Special Sigle TG1.

Prestinicola currently teaches Fonia in the Pre-Academic course of Saint Louis College of Music, and holds the role of Phonic at the school, and is the Audio Technician for “Lanificio 159”.