Live jazz evening with Cristiano Mastroianni’s workshops and Domino’s Cole, followed by a final Jam Session open to everyone!

Pine by Cristiano Mastroianni
Annapurna Devi Barnes –
Maya Voice Pong Rasmussen – Voice
Ege Akyildiz – Guitar
Andrea Boccale – Piano
Enrico Laudato – Bass
Bora Kanit – Drums

Gino by Cristiano Mastroianni
Federico Fierro – Voice
Ege Akyildiz – Guitar
Pietro Intotaro – Piano
Alessandro Loggia – Basso
Giovanni Lafavia – Drums

Domino’s Cole
Domino Spada – Voice
Massimiliano Biondi – Guitar
Emanuele Bono – Piano
Alessandro Loggia – Bass
Francesco Angiolini – Drums

Jam Session


Wednesday March 27, 2019 9:00 pm – 11:59 pm


Cotton Club

via Bellinzona, 2 Rome

Free entry


Livia | Saint Louis Music Center

l ivia@slmc.it