The new release from ArtUro Studio Sessions: Conversessions performing “Wiro”. 
The ArtUro Studio sessions project brings original unpublished pieces of the best Saint Louis students to a professional recording session.


Emanuele Righini:
Guitar and Arrangements

Giacomo Tagliaventi: Keyboard and Arrangements

Guglielmo Molino: Bass

Davide Fabrizio: Drums and Percussion

Matteo Montanari: Tenor Sax

Recording & Mixing Engineers: Samuele Del Bufalo, Francesco Roddi, Giuliano Carmosino, Leonardo Tosti, and Alessandro Priori Bohem.

Supervisor: Marzia Bulli

ARTURO alternative record label

Art Uro
 is the new record collection produced by Saint Louis dedicated to electronic music. The creativity of the best students of the courses of the sound technician, electronic music and sonic arts takes on new musical paths and sound experiments, under the supervision of Marzia Bulli.