Composition Pre-Academic Course

Composition Department

The Composition Course is ideated as a merger between traditional studies, such as counterpoint, harmony, orchestration, and an attention towards contemporary professional issues, in order to supply each student with the instruments and the skills to turn their music ideas into practice.

Each subject is always targeted to applied music, and therefore music for films, advertisements, short films, documentaries. The student will be able to develop his/her own composition knowledge with the support of real music ensembles and by deepening the solutions offered by virtual instruments and new information technologies.

The study of the different techniques (Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration, Basic Techniques of Orchestra Direction, Hard Disk Recording, Virtual Instruments, etc.) will enable the student to enlarge his/her own specific knowledge, to gradually reach an overall professional preparation that will enhance him/her to turn the composition ideas into practice in the most complete way.

An important yearly event and real strength of the Course is the real string orchestra experience, with soloists (woods and brass) and percussionists who perform the scores written by all students, thus enabling a real perception of all that was written, providing a large impact on the educational experience.

Before registering to the course it is possible to participate in our orientation meetings with the Didactic Direction or in the OPEN DAYS, an entire day to live as a Saint Louis student, attending classes, lectures, labs, and meeting the responsible of one’s own instrument course.

The Composition Course articulates in:

  • pre-academic course, lasting 1 to 3 years, according to the entry level of the student. At the end of the pre-academic course or on the basis of the outcome of a direct audition, it is possible to gain access to the:
  • 1st cycle academic degree (equal to three years Bachelor’s Degree)


The pre-academic course can be attended as follows:

  • ordinary attendance, 5 to 7 hours per week, from October to June
  • long-distance attendance, 6 to 8 hours fortnightly (Friday or Saturday, every second week), from October to June


At the end of the pre-academic course the student can gain direct access to the:

  • 1st cycle academic degree (equal to three years Bachelor’s Degree), specializing in film scoring and music applied to images
  • NB: students transferring from another music Institute will have to sit an entry test to gain access to the pre-academic course, in order to verify their actual knowledge and skills just like all other newly registered students.