Adam Martin, visiting professor at Leeds College of Music (UK), will hold two master classes dedicated to Composition and Songwriting.

“SONG-WRITING: Simplicity, Communication and the Role of the Listener” 
“Considering Sound in Composition”

Monday March 11, 3:30 to 6:00 pm – Urban road, 49 / a

Credits for academic courses: 2/3 CFA

The two master classes will take place during the usual schedule of Composition and Songwriting lessons by Gianluca Podio, but are open to all students of the academic courses concerned.

Free entry, by reservation (limited places) by writing to marzia@slmc.it

Considering Sound in Composition
The master class examines the role of “sound” itself in the process of composition and songwriting. How can the use and choice of sounds influence the potential meaning of music?

SONG-WRITING: Simplicity, Communication and the Role of the Listener
Songwriting as an act of communication. The seminar analyzes what makes the communication function effective in any context and how these principles can be applied in songwriting.

Adam Martin bio

Adam completed his PhD at the University of Hull where he conducted interdisciplinary research using phenomenological and musicological research methods to explore the role of music producers in the twenty-first century. Alongside his research and his didactic commitment, Adam is also an active music producer, composer, and performer. He is a founding member of the electronic ensemble, “Nightports”, with which he has made works for international conferences and festivals. More recently, the group has collaborated with Matthew Bourne for the creation of an album for piano and electronic instruments whose release is scheduled for the Leaf Label in the coming months. The work will be presented in a live preview in “Hull City of Culture 2017”. Currently, the group is also collaborating with guitarist Stuart McCallum and micro-tonal guitarist Tolgahan Çoğulu.