Claudia MarssClaudia Marss

Claudia Maria da Silva e Silva better known as Claudia Marss, born in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, is a composer and a ductile, expressive singer, who found in fusion between the folk brazilian music and the afro-american music, the perfect fertile field to express her great interpretation strength.

She teaches vocal technique, style and interpretation in modern and brazilian music. Marss hold seminars about style, interpretation, pronunciation, perception and distinction of the constitutive elements of polyrhythm in different brazilian music genres; she also hold seminars about voice, style, interpretation, and rhythm feeling in gospel and spiritual music.

In 1983 she attended the Conservatorio di Musica da Universidade Catolica de Salvador (Bahia) sdutying classic guitar. In 1986 with her first concert, Marss won the Troféu Caymmi prize as “best rising interpreter”. In 1987 she recorded “Bom Despacho” for the anthologic album “Melhores do Troféu Caymmi Bahia” year I and II. She collaborated with Gilberto Gil, joining his band during a brazilian tournèe in 1988. From 1990 Marss has been living in Italy, studying jazz singing with Cinzia Spata; in 1992 she attend the Berklee Clinics in Perugia with Bob Stoloff and studied vocal technique with the lirique soprano Annette Marywhether. Marss is currently studying with the soprano Margherita Pace and piano with M° Luca Salerno. In 2011 obtained the Joe Estill Voicecraft CFP with Elisa Turlà. Marss attended the seminar La voce: anatomia, fisiologia e prevenzione dei disturbi vocali” (The voice: anatomy, physiology and prevention of vocal troubles, 2015).

Marss participated in various festivals like Baronisse Jazz, Villa Ada Festival, The Ladies of Jazz in Sulmona and the Villa Celimontana Festival in Rome. Her concerts between 1997 and 1998 are in the album “Viajando – Claudia Marss & Brazil Way” released in 1999, mixed produced by Federico Laterza. Marss participated in some TV shows as a guest singer with Raffaella Carrà and Gabriele La Porta.

Her curiosity gone beyond jazz and brazilian music. In 1991 she started to collaborate with the Jona’s Blues Band and Harold Bradley, approaching to blues. In 1992 she participated in the movie “Maledetto il giorno che t’ho incontrato” directed by Carlo Verdone, singing “To be happy”, one of the main themes of the soundtrack. She sing as a guest in the albums Jona’s Blues Band “Back to life” (2010); Jona’s Blues Band meets Fernando Jones (2015).

Since 1996 she has been dealing with gospel, collaborating with various bands and performing in theatres and festivals all over the Italy like “Gospel in the Easter Time”, Gospel Festival in Bibiena, Bellinzona in Switzerland and many other with the Gospel Tree directed by Nehemiah Brown. She has recently performed also with the Harold Bradley’s Bronzeville American Gospel. Thanks to gospel experience, Marss has developed a very versatile singing and a new rich vocal timbre.

Claudia Mrss has been singing with Effetto Musica Ensemble since 2001. With this band she recorded:

“Retrato em branco e preto – a tribute to Tom Jobim – Effetto Musica Ensamble” (Map 2007)

“Palavras de Amor – Jobim e as mulheres – Effetto Musica Ensamble (Philology 2009)

“Orfeu Negro – 1959-2009 – Celebração – Effetto Musica Ensemble” (Philology)

The fourth album is progressing.

Effetto Musica Ensemble is lined-up by classical musicians, like the guitarist Gianluca Marino and the flautist Stefano Saccone; and also jazz musicians like the bassist Aldo Vigorito, the drummer Giuseppe La Pusata and the pianist and arranger Enzo Orefice. Joining the Marss brazilian style, they gave life to a lyric jazz reinterpretation of Jobim music.

With “Freak do Brasil” project, Marss recorded two albums: “Duty freak” (2004) and “Meu goleador” (2007), dealing with dance music. Claudia Marss has worked on these albums also as author and as music composer.

In october 2004 she was chosen by Nicola Piovani as soloist in the “Stabat Mater – The piety”, music by himself, lyrics by Vincenzo Cerami, with Gigi Proietti, Rita Cammarano and the Aracoeli Orchestra, performed in Bethlehem and Tel Aviv.

In 2005 after a short tournèe in Paris, she participated in “Les Musicales du Puy-en-Velay” Festival with the

Marss started composing her own tunes, rediscovering the taste of her brazilian sound in which the “afro” elements are the links between all the genres she has experienced over the years: afro-bahian; samba, bossa, jazz, blues, gospel.

In 2008 Marss has been soloist in “Ciak … Musica – A tribute to Ninni Rosso with the Emilia Romagna Orchestra, a project by Arturo Toscanini Foundation and the Jazz Art Music Association, directed by Carlo Gelmini (music by: Ennio Morricone, Piero Piccioni; Stelvio Cipriani, Armando Trovajoli, Nino Rota, Riz Ortolani). Marss has a long experience as a session singer in recording studio: she recorded advertising jingles in Brazil and Italy.

She has also participated as a guest in many albums italian and international artists: Walter Martino, Elvio Ghigliordini, Roberto Ciotti, Jona’s Blues Band e tanti altri. She has collaborated with Corrado Nofri, Robertinho de Paula, Eddy Palermo, Andrea Beneventano, Cicci Santucci, Chico Miceli, Paolo Iurich, Massimiliano Filosi, Simone Prattico, Laurent de Oliveira, Acelino de Paula

In 2009 Marss participated in the show “Ritratto di Augusto” (Augustus’ Portrait) at Ara Pacis and Capitoline Museums in Rome with Mariano Rigillo and Anna Teresa Rossini; and in “L’acqua Al Tempo dei Romani” (The water in Roman times) with the actors Gaetano Lizzio, Paolo Lombardi, Ivan Piacciallo, Monica Samassa and Silvia Siravo and the musicians Michele Carreca, Salvatore Leggieri e Carolina Pace.

In April 2012 Marss presents “Baroque Gospel” – Meeting between “Negro Spirituals” and baroque sound during the 14th edition of the Saint Julian of the Flemings Royal Belgian Church Concerts.

Marss has also worked for Radio 2, singing in the radio dramas “Bonnie & Clyde” and “Marlon Brando” and for Radio Vaticana in “Il quarto re magio” (The Fourth King Magi).

She has recently presented the project Recados de Amor, a travel for discovering the brazilian music through the different meanings of the word love at the Internationale Women House.


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