Brazilian Choir by Claudia Mars – CFA 4

Form: 60 hours
CFA: 4
Teachers: Claudia Mars 
Frequency: Weekly
Entry Requirements:Auditions 
Class size: 30 students
Places available: 10
Limitations: Open to all students in all groups including academic, pre-academic, traditional two-year, and customized courses, with audition


Polyphonic singing workshop dedicated to Brazilian music. Born in February of 2014, it is directed by Claudia Mars with a repertoire that is exclusively Brazilian and for this reason, there is a continuous formation of the group with the study of the various styles. To the polyrhythm that distinguishes them, the pronunciation with the typical Brazilian vocality, to learning to sing as Brazilians, It is a polyphonic and polyrhythmic choir whose voices are used both for the harmonic/melodic and rhythmic accompaniment, or rather polyrhythmic to create a one of a kind of experience.


Eligibility on the part of the teacher