Bass Lab of various professors – 15 hour module – 2 CFA

Form: 15 hours
CFA: 2
Teachers: Gianfranco Gullotto, Luca Bulgarelli, Andrea Rosatelli, Emiliano Cappelli, and Marco Siniscalco   
Frequency: Every 2 weeks
Entry Requirements: None
Class size: 8 students
Places available: 8
Limitations: Open to all students of academic , traditional two year, and pre-academic bass, as required by the relevant study plan. Open to students as a personalized course for additional fees (for information on costs, contact the educational Secretariat.)


  1. Bass TRIO by Marco Siniscalco
  • Contents:
  • Original multistilist arrangements for bass-trio (bass trio), from funk to Latin music, use of bass with harmonic and solo functions and loop-station

2. SLAP BASS by Andrea Rosatelli

  • Contents:
  • Approach to the most advanced technique, through technical exercises on the thumb, slaps, hammer on, legacies, various musical examples and transcriptions

3. HISTORY OF ELECTRIC BASS by Emiliano Cappelli

  • Contents:
  • From 1951 to the mid-70s, technological evolution, study of instrument models, amplification, musical application, biographical study of the most representative bassists, viewing films and listening guides

4. PRACTICE OF ELECTRIC BASS by Andrea Rosatelli

  • Contents:
  • The electric bass, through different studies on setting the right hand, the left, scales, chords, intonation and several practical examples in various musical styles

5. WALKIN ‘BASS by Gianfranco Gullotto

  • Contents
  • Basic and advanced principles for a creative and personal walkin’ bass.

6. BASSETTE PRACTICE by Luca Bulgarelli

  • Contents
  • Approach to the double bass, use of the bow, intonation, walking bass