From creation to performance: creative writing workshop, interpretation, arrangement, and live performance.

Serena Brancale offers ArtLab, an innovative educational path dedicated to songwriting, and the development of their creativity.

Song-writing, in the world of a singer-songwriter:

How do you write a song?
What is the starting point, the text, or the music?
Taking ideas of a basso continuo that works into a harmonic completion of an unpublished work, while keeping the mind:
-> the musical idea … the focus of the new, the sound, and the musical reality to which it belongs. Analysis of points and ideas to encounter between genres and songwriting.
-> the text to be musical … analysis of the text and development of its expressive potential, perfecting the periods with the use of synonyms, antonyms, rhymes, metrics, musicality, and content.
-> ideas to create … listening to the historical songwriters as opposed to listening to the modern language. Creativity as the protagonist of the work.

Arrangement and production
Development of an original arrangement idea.

Live performance: the voice
Students will work on their listening, studies, and their musical culture by using interpretation, interplay, and improvisation.

The workshop is a total of 36 hours, weekly 90-minute meetings, starting in January 2019.

Credits for academic courses: 6 ECTS

Participation fees : € 220 students Saint Louis; € 440 for non-students.

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