APPLIED MUSIC study plan

COTP06/02Music theory 1304Music theory 2304Score reading 326
CODM05/04History of electro acoustic music 1243History of music applied to images303Music History and historiography305
COME03Music acoustics246Music spaces acoustics244
COME04Electro-acoustics 1244Electro-acoustics 2303
COME05Applied Music6416Audio and music applications Programming324
COME02Electro-acoustic music composition 16412Audio-visual integrated composition 6412
CODC01 Composition 1329Composition 2329Composition 3329
CODC02Composition for music applied to images 6413Composition for music applied to images 6412
Electro-acoustic music performance328
COTP03Piano practice 1324Piano practice 2324
CODL/02English Language2
ELECTIVE STUDIESElective Subjects8Elective Subjects6Elective Subjects4
FINAL ASSESSMENTFinal thesis and performance6
total hours1st YEAR270602nd YEAR306603rd YEAR26660