Alessandro GwisAlessandro Gwis

Born in Rome in 1969, he started studying classical piano at the age of 8; in 1979 he performed for the first time live. When he was 16 he approached jazz and improvised music; in the same period he came closer to the use of synth and electronic keyboards.
Since 1988 he carries on an intense professional activity.

He is a member of the group “Aires Tango”, since its foundation. In 2006 he published his first solo album, named “Alessandro Gwis”, in trio with Luca Pirozzi and Armando Sciommeri, followed by the second album in 2010, named “#2”.

Aires Tango, with Javier Girotto, Marco Siniscalco and Michele Rabbia (since ‘94 to nowadays), Paolo Fresu, Antonello Salis, Cuong Vu, Paul McCandless, Enrico Rava, Maria Pia de Vito, Gianni Coscia, Gege’ Telesforo (dal 94 al 2004), Peppe Servillo, Ben Sidran, Roberto Cecchetto, Roberto Ottaviano, Paolo Damiani, Flavio Boltro, Giorgio Rossi, Maurizio Giammarco, Ensemble di musica contemporanea “Open trios” di Giovanni Bietti, Stefano di Battista, Giovanni Maier, Lutte Berg, Achille Succi, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Orchestra jazz di Palermo “Triangle music”, Gianni Gebbia, Carolina Brandes, Rosario Giuliani, Danilo Rea, Cinzia Spata, Roberto Gatto, Sandro Satta, Stefano d’Anna, Horacio Hernandez, Marcello Murru, Stefano Benni, Davide Riondino and many more.

Besides, he composed and performed music for cinema, tv and dance.
He collaborated with several Italian pop music singers, Gianni Morandi in particular (since 1992 to nowadays, in many tours both in Italy and abroad), Massimo Ranieri, Patty Pravo, Sergio Endrigo, Lucio Dalla and many more.
He often performed abroad (in Germany, France, England, Switzerland, Austria, USA – also in the Broadway Palace Theatre – Canada, Senegal, Kenia, Israele, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Croatia, Romania), and often appeared in several tv and radio broadcasts.

Alessandro Gwis “Alessandro Gwis” Alessandro Gwis “#2”
Alessandro Gwis “Tangos” Alessandro Gwis “El Sur”

Wasabi “Wasabi”
Wasabi “Closer” (con Cuong Vu)
Aires Tango “Malvinas”
Aires Tango “Madres” (con Antonello Salis)
Aires Tango “Poemas” (con Peppe Servillo)
Aires Tango “Cronologia del 900”
Aires Tango “Origenes”
Aires Tango “En vivo”
Aires Tango “Aniversario” (con l’orchestra della radio di Sofia) Aires Tango “Escenas Argentinas”
Aires Tango ” 30.000 cuori”
Aires Tango “15/10”
Gege’ Telesforo “Pure funk live”
Lello Panico “Fifty Years Ago”

Jazz & Pop piano educator in Saint Louis College Of Music of Rome.