Aesthetics of music by Adriano Melchiorre – 30-hour module – CFA 5

Form: 30 hours
CFA: 3
Teachers: Adriano Melchiorre 
Frequency: Weekly
Entry Requirements: None
Class size: 20 students
Places available: 10
Limitations: Open for students in academic courses, excluding students of course composition and film music.


  1. Aesthetic foundations of music, fundamental characteristics of musical discourse in connection with the various phases of history;
  2. Theories on the origins of music;
  3. Historical, critical and technical theory and illustration of musical forms from the Middle Ages onwards, with particular attention to Ars Nova, the Palestrinian reformation, melodrama and the origins of the sonata and the modern symphony.
  4. Study of musical poetry in relation to contemporary production, with particular attention to the aesthetics of the second century.


  1.  Dahlhaus, Carl, Musical Analysis and Aesthetic Judgment, edited by Antonio Serravezza.
  2.  Bologna .The Mill Fubini Enrico, Aesthetics of Music, Bologna, Il Mulino
  3. Fubini Enrico, The musical aesthetics of the eighteenth century to today Turin, Einaudi
  4. Fubini Enrico, Music and language in contemporary aesthetics, Turin, Einaudi
  5. Gentilucci Armando, Beyond the avant-garde. An invitation to the multiple, Edizioni Discanto

Analysis and criticism of a modern or contemporary composition assigned by the commission to be performed in a maximum time of 3 hours;  Question on the topics covered during the course of study.