Admission to the pre-academic course in composition

To be admitted to the pre-academic course in Composition the student has to already have basic notions of music theory, solfeggio and piano. The admission tests take place during the moth of september. If the student’s results are not compleatly adequate for the admission to the course, he/she will be put in specific classes to help him compleate his preperation. Depending on the results of the exam, the student can be admitted also directly to the 2° or 3°  pre-academic year.
admission tests to the pre-academic course in composition:


  • Solfeggio and music theory exam: reading of music staff (treble clef and bass clef), major and minor scales, intervalli melodici e rivolti,  preliminary notion  of  consonant harmony (triadi major-minor-diminished-augmented), most important  rythmic figures (triplets, irregoular groups etc…)  and simple and composed tempos.
  • Interview with the head of the course. The interview is established to verify  the inclinations and the expectations of the students and to verify that they have at least a minimum knowledge of piano. It is reccomended, but up to the student, to bring their compositions with an audio support and/or on paper.