to the Pre-academic / Foundation Course in Composition

To be admitted to the Pre-academic / Foundation Course in Composition the candidate students need to demonstrate, trough an Admission Test, to have basic notions of music theory, solfeggio and piano.

The admission test is also meant to check the entry level of each candidate student in each subject, to be better positioned in the most appropriate classes of the 2-year program.


Pre-Academic Admission Tests for International students can be sit in 2 different intakes, according to the necessities of the students themselves:

  • JUNE

The specific dates have to be individually agreed upon through the International Office.

NB: Considering the current difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemics, for the 2020/2021 applications Saint Louis is applying a FLEXIBILITY policy in the entire Admission process: deadlines will not be rigorous and late applications will be easily accepted; missing documents can be sent at later stages.
The Admission Tests might be delayed until the months of July or September 2020, according to the students’ necessities.
We nevertheless recommend the Non-EU International students to require to the International Office to sit the Admission tests in an online modality (at  least for the theoretical subjects), so to have time enough to get feedback on the admission and prepare the Visa papers and procedure, which might be a very long one.
We encourage you to apply and contact the International Office for support in your application.

Admission Tests for International students coming from further Countries can also be sit on-line, without coming to Rome, under specific request.

NB: The 2 intakes are meant to facilitate the International students preparing their documents to apply for the Study Visa (if necessary) and to plan their stay in Rome. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO START THE COURSES IN FEBRUARY (or, in general, from the 2nd semester on). It is only possible to start attending the classes in SEPTEMBER, at the beginning of the Academic year. Check here Saint Louis Academic Calendar.


To register to the Pre-academic Course:

  1. Fill in the Application Webform, that you see on the right-hand side of this page
  2. Wait to be contacted by the International Office Team
  3. Pay the registration fee  of € 150 approximately (the specific amount changes according to the registration period), following the instructions that the International Office will send you on your e-mail. The registration fee is non refundable.
  4. Establish your Intake and specific date to sit the admission test, with the support of the International Office

Non-EU Students requiring a study VISA to enter Italy can get an Admission Certificate from our International Office to be submitted to the Italian Embassy in their Country, only when the above procedure is finalized.

To get information about VISA procedures please click here and visit the page:

For general useful information for International Students please visit the dedicated section of the website – International Students


To better consider the Admission Requirements for the Pre-Academic/Foundation Course in Composition, and to get ready for the Tests, please check the complete Admission Prospect.

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