to the Jazz Performance Bachelor Course

If you are an International student (both EU or NON-EU) wishing to apply to Saint Louis Jazz Performance Academic Course, please follow these steps:


1. Prepare for the PRE-SELECTION:

Record a video (through any means / device) containing 4 tunes performed by you, of which a minimum of 3 must be performed in a band (trio at least)*. Live performance Videos are accepted. At least 2 of the 4 tunes should be chosen from the given list. The videos have to be uploaded on youtube or other similar web portals, and must be indicated as link(s) in the Application Form.

* given the current difficulties due to the COVID-19 epidemics, we currently accept performances realized with the support of backing tracks. 






The candidates who pass the pre-selections will be admitted to the Admission Test, which can be sit every year either in February or June, in presence or in on-line modality (under request).*

*for the academic year 2020/2021, the Admission Tests might be delayed until the months of July or September 2020, according to the students’ necessities.
We nevertheless recommend the Non-EU International students who passed the preselection phase, to require to the International Office to sit the Admission tests in an online modality (at  least for the theoretical subjects), so to have time enough to get feedback on the admission and prepare the Visa papers and procedure, which might be a very long one.


4. Prepare for the ADMISSION TEST

(to be sit in case of positive outcome of the pre-selection procedure)



The INTAKES (admissions tests) for International Students are held every year in
JUNE (2nd INTAKE) * (see the note above)

NB: The 2 intakes are meant to facilitate the International students preparing their documents to apply for the Study Visa (if necessary) and to plan their stay in Rome. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO START THE COURSES IN FEBRUARY (or, in general, from the 2nd semester on). It is only possible to start attending the classes in SEPTEMBER, at the beginning of the Academic year. Check here Saint Louis Academic Calendar.

for the 1st Intake runs from December 1st to January 30th every year.
for the 2nd Intake runs from December 1st to April 30th every year.

Therefore the Deadline to send the Application Form and the pre-selection video is either January 30th or April 30th, according to the selected intake. Late applications will be singularly considered, at the Direction’s discretion, on the basis of possible available places and/or renounces.*

*Considering the current difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemics, for the 2020/2021 applications Saint Louis is applying a FLEXIBILITY policy in the entire Admission process: deadlines will not be rigorous and late applications will be easily accepted; missing documents can be sent at later stages. We encourage you to apply and contact the International Office for support in your application.

International Students coming from further Countries can require to sit the Admission Test in an ON-LINE MODALITY.
Otherwise, it is intended that the tests will be held in Rome.
The precise dates will be communicated once the interested students apply for the Courses and pass the pre-selection phase.

For further details on the Registration Procedure for International Students, please visit the dedicated web-page: