The accommodation service is organized by Immuni srl agency that searches and selects suitable housing solutions through the private real estate market for all Saint Louis students who need to rent a house or even a single part of it.
Private and selected accommodations, are available to rent with transparent conditions and a legal rental contract.

To see all available accommodations please click on the following LINK
Students can benefit from Accommodation tutor services which assist in choosing houses, defining the rental contract, and as a support during the whole rental period.


Free service for Saint Louis students, both in Italian and English! Choose the house you like, visit it, and sign the contract.

You may choose the accommodations that you are interested in by visiting the dedicated pages on the web-site. All websites contain pictures and videos of the rooms, economic conditions, info on other inhabitants of the house, area and transportation connections, etc.

Accommodation A Roma

We advise you to start looking for accommodations before you move to Rome and book a meeting with the StuRent agency to visit the house you like on the first day you get to Rome.