A research path through the mainstream to reach the modern sounds of international pop.
First step – Vocality: starting from one’s roots, discovering the personal vocal characteristics to find and consolidate one’s musical personality.
Second Step – Listening Guide: songs and standards that determined the beginnings of pop.
Third Step – Concert Lesson: performance of an unpublished piece or a cover; approach to accompaniment to a harmonious instrument.
Fourth Step – Scat and musicality: rhythmic accents, melodic modulations, and variations on the theme
In addition…
Focus on:
• Performance
• Interpretation


TIME: 7.30PM – 9.30PM

Via Urbana, 49/A

Credits for academic courses: 1/3 ECTS
Free entry, by reservation, by email to francesca@slmc.it

Language: Italian


Walter Ricci, born in 1989, grew up in a musical environment thanks to the environment from his father as a musician. It then enticed him to listen to all kinds of music from an early age; he listened to jazz in all its forms in particular with curiosity and passion, from swing to bebop up to contemporary jazz.
He devoted himself to the study of piano immediately specializing in improvisation, and in a few years, we find him already on the stages of the most coveted jazz clubs performing with well-known musicians and a renowned experience.
In 2006 he won the “Massimo Urbani National Award” and in that event, he met the trumpeter from Turin Fabrizio Bosso, who often wanted him to be next to him. In 2009-10 he dueted with internationally renowned artists such as Michael Bublè and Mario Biondi. A last he is invited to collaborate on the record and on go on tour.
In 2015 he participated and arrived in the semifinals at the prestigious MONK COMPETITION in Los Angeles.
In September 2016 he took part in the international NEW WAVE CONTEST festival in Sochi, Russia, where he won first place.