The legislation of the show Siae and Enpals: workshop by Alceste Ayroldi that illustrates the fundamental laws of the music and entertainment industry, to be oriented between artistic contracts, copyright and image protection.

The detailed program of the seminar:

– Fundamental laws regarding entertainment. Fundamental laws of the music industry.
– The SIAE, copyright, musical editions:

1) The work of genius
2) Plagiarism of an intellectual work
3) The protection of the work intended for the show.
4) The musical program
5) The protection of the right to the image of the artist
6) The declaration of commencement of activity, the deposit, the collection list and the permission for the shows
7) Procedures for the deposit of unpublished works
– The former ENPALS management
– Artistic work, types, and reports:

1) Artistic work: Autonomous – Subordinated – Parasubordinate – Intermittent – Discontinuous – Occasional – Free
2) Start-up and working hours
3) Placement in the show
4 Artistic contracts
5) Artistic exclusivity
6) The artistic management contract and the exclusivity clause
7 ) The protection of the right to the artist’s image
8) The association in participation
9) Regulations on company training internships
– The Contract. Coordinated and continuous collaboration contracts; project contracts.

DATE: Saturday, October 13th, 2018
TIME: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM; 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Saint Louis Via Baccina, 47

Credits for academic courses: 1 ECTS

Language: Italian

Participation fees: free for Saint Louis students; € 40 for non-students

Book by Friday 5th of October by emailing to

Alceste Ayroldi studied classical guitar and drums. Graduated in Jurisprudence cum laude, he is a role professor, essayist, music critic, musicologist, veejay. He is Professor of Music Research at the University of West of Scotland. He is a producer and artistic consultant and communication consultant for numerous cultural realities of the Italian territory. He regularly collaborates with the prestigious Music Jazz magazine, as well as Editor of the Jazzitalia webzine and editor of the web version of the Music Jazz magazine.