Every year Saint Louis awards up to 60 scholarships to allow the most deserving students to have the chance of successfully concluding their music studies at Saint Louis. Up to 25 scholarships are reserved for international students.

Whilst the scholarship is awarded at the beginning of the year, it is actually given to the student at the end of the year, in order to be able to verify the actual study trend and the achieved results. International scholarships can vary between € 500 and € 2.000, and can be used to attend:

  • Jazz and Popular Music Pre-academic Courses (high-intermediate level, non basic level)
  • Jazz, Popular Music, Composition, Electronic Music, Sound Engineering Academic Courses
  • the two-year Traditional Diplomas in Jazz and Popular Music

It is possible to benefit from the scholarships for a maximum of 2 consecutive years, after which the student will have to wait one year before having access to a new audition for a scholarship.

The awarding of the scholarships is founded on 2 principles:

  • 1. Talent and development of the potential of the student, (to be verified through an audition)
  • 2. Age: If the skill level of two or more students is considered the same, the youngest student will receive a higher score.
    The auditions for the awarding of the international scholarships are held during the month of September. To participate in the auditions the students must have a good level music knowledge (the equivalent of at least 4 years of study or professional practice).



  • 1. Fill in the form below.
  • 2. Send via e-mail a video and audio recording of 4 tunes of your choice between February 2nd and July 15th. The tunes should be sent as an attachment in 4 separate e-mails addressed to The files  must not exceed 18 mega each. For bigger files, please send the tunes via dropbox or jumbomail or an equivalent system.
  • 3. The Evaluation Board will establish, on the basis of the received tunes, the student’s preparation and its adequacy, as well as the possible scholarship amount.
  • 4. During the months of July and September, before the courses start, the student will have to perform live. Base on the live audition the Evaluation Board will then confirm, reduce or increase the amount of the Scholarship. For further details please contact the International Office:
    Marzia Bagli – Maeve Rodgers

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