Pre-academic course in Jazz and Popular Music


The pre-academic course aims to prepare the student to access the 1st cycle academic degree in Jazz and Popular Music. The pre-academic course has a variable duration – 1 to 3 years – depending on the student’s entry level and his/her learning skills.

The individual instrument and singing classes, and therefore the direct relationship between the student and the teacher enable the student to develop to the best his/her abilities, depending on the student’s learning skills and his/her artistic inclinations.

The study of harmony and its application on the piano follow a very innovative didactic vision. The complementary study of piano ( during the courses of bass, double bass, drums, vocals, percussions, violin and brass) is seen as a fundamental key to the understanding of harmony and its practical application, and is approached step by step at a deeper level.Of great impact and one of the first of its kind in Europe, is the class of rythmic session for bass players, drummers, guitar players and pianists, through which the students deal at various levels with all the styles modern music such as pop, swing, latin music, funk, shuffle, blues, rock, jazz.There are three levels of Harmony and Ear training and all of them use innovative methodologies whilst dealing with issues such as reading, polifonic singing, recognising chords e progressions and rythmic reading.The vocal labs are specifically thought for singers and can be divided in: vocal summit, jazz choir, gospel choir and many other learning experiences.The study of brass instruments is characterised by two year brass section lab, to develop the capacity of the student to play in section, to read, to improve his/her pronunciation, timing and suond.The pre-academic course works right from the beginning on creativity, stimulating individual curiosity and talent through courses of Music tech and music production, in order for the students to reach a level in which they can create their own music in an authonomous way by using electronic instruments.Every year, during the pre-academic course, over 90 ensembles are composed and play weekly from January to June in Clubs in Rome (check lists and videos).


At the end of the pre-academic course it is  possibile to choose between:

  • 1st cycle academic degree in Jazz, (the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree)
  • 1st cycle academic degree in Popular Music (the equivalent of a Master’s Degree)

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