In this page you’ll find all the info relative to the Admission of International Students to Saint Louis ACADEMIC COURSES.
To apply for the other Non-Academic Courses (ex. Junior Courses, Custom Courses, etc.) please just contact our International Office.

EU or NON-EU citizens who achieved a secondary school Diploma or equivalent either in their Country of origin or in Italy.
NON-EU STUDENTS: For International students coming from Countries outside the EU, the modalities, deadlines and rules to apply for the Academic Courses in Saint Louis are established by the Italian Ministry for Education. Usually the student has to apply directly to the Italian Embassy of their Country. So, please contact your Embassy for further details and to start your application procedure. To get to know more about International applications, please visit

1st Cycle Academic Degree – Jazz/Pop/Electronic Music/Sound Engineering/Composition
To gain access to the 1st Cycle Academic Degrees the student has to pass an admission test relative to the main subjects of the chosen didactic area.
On the basis of the outcomes of the test, the Didactic Board will draw a merit ranking according to which it will indicate the admitted students, on the basis of available places.

In order to sit the Admission Test, please proceed according to the following step:

  • 1) PRE-SELECTIONS (for Jazz, Pop only): record a video (with any means, even with a mobile phone, but with a clear sound) containing 4 tunes performed by the candidate, of which 3 at least performed in a group (trio at least). Live performance Videos are accepted. At least 2 of the 4 tunes should be chosen from the given list (jazz list; pop list). The realized videos have to be uploaded on youtube or other similar web portal and have to be pointed out in the Application Form.
  • 2) Fill in the Application Form.
  • 3) Wait for the pre-selections result: the candidates passing the pre-selections will be admitted to the Admission Test, to be sit in July or in September.
  • 4) Sit the admission test (see below for the program).
  • 5) The whole procedure is free of charges. Only when the student will pass the admission test will have to pay the registration fee.

See the didactic program of the Admission Tests:

  • Jazz Admission
  • Popular Music Admission
  • Sound Engineering Admission
  • Electronic Music Admission
  • Composition and Film Scoring Admission


2nd Cycle Academic Degree – Jazz Composition and Arrangement

To gain access to the 2nd Cycle Academic Degree the candidate has to pass an admission test.
On the basis of the outcomes of the test, the Didactic Board will draw a merit ranking according to which it will indicate the admitted students, on the basis of available places.
More details on the admission test: 2nd cycle degree admission test



The admissions tests for International Students to enter the Academic Courses are held in July and September every year.
The deadlines for International Students to submit the application form for the next academic year are:
– 13th June 2017, to sit the admission test in July
– 29th August 2017, to sit the admission test in September
Late applications will be singularly considered, at the Direction’s discretion, on the basis of possible available places and/or renounces.


The fee for International Students attending the Academic Courses is € 3.200 per year.

All students applying to the Academic Courses can apply for two kinds of scholarships:

  • Saint Louis private scholarships. Please visit the dedicated page
  • Laziodisu (Agency for the Right to Study) scholarships:

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