Saint Louis adopts and currently applies the ECTS system, according to which each credit is the equivalent of a 25 hours workload, and each academic year correspond to 60 credits (1,500 workload hours).
The methodology applied to establish the workload associated to each course unit was elaborated through a team of experienced Didactic Coordinators of the Institution, that considered the required learning and skill outcome for each subject, summing up the necessary lesson hours and the study hours to properly achieve the level.
The allocation of credits for our students coming from abroad will be carried out on the basis of a transparency and fair recognition policy, basing the credit recognition on the actual learning outcome and on the workload: study hours + lesson hours / 25 hours = credits. To enhance this policy of total transparency, Saint Louis also uses: Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records, ECTS marks, Diploma Supplement.
Each single International incoming student will be singularly followed while he/she obtains and fills in all these certifications by the International Office, that will also help him/her in his/her own entire path at Saint Louis and in Rome.
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